Emprise’s management team has significant experience in the areas of corporate finance, business development, securities law, equity and debt finance structuring, capital raising, and corporate governance, enabling it to add true value to its portfolio companies as part of its hands-on approach to all facets of its business.

Scott Ackerman, PRESIDENT & CEO

Scott Ackerman understands the pressures of financial crisis on both debtors and creditors and is responsible for the implementation and actual process of restructuring and reorganizing Emprise's portfolio companies. Post transaction, Mr. Ackerman also takes an active role in providing strategic guidance to our portfolio companies.

Mr. Ackerman has been active in the public markets for more than twenty years, having held senior executive roles in various capacities from Investor Relations to Executive Management.

Mr. Ackerman has experience in all aspects of corporate restructures, both in Canadian and US jurisdictions, including Chapter 11 processes in the US and Notice of Intent filings under the Bankruptcy Act in Canada. In addition to his role with Emprise, Mr. Ackerman serves as a director and officer of a number of publicly traded and private 'start-up' venture companies and also has extensive experience doing business with Asia, having resided in mainland China working in the Nutraceutical Industry for extended periods of time over his career.