In today’s competitive business climate it is imperative that service providers are constantly delivering value to their clients. At Emprise, we are entrepreneurs, and we understand the need for short response times in the public markets and the importance of the ability to react swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our small and close knit team is structured to provide prompt and accurate service.

Emprise’s services focus on the structuring, arranging and the management of various strategic initiatives, including:


While the primary investment focus of Emprise is on Business Investment/Acquisition and Shell Restructurings, the operating environment of growth and venture companies often presents specific opportunities for significant returns through short term debt and bridge financing opportunities.

Debt investing is a specific discipline with conventions and regulatory issues on both new and existing debt issuance. In order to provide returns far and above simple interest rates, any debt investing undertaken by Emprise is procedure driven and entails the basic disciplines of underwriting: ability to pay (cash flow), willingness to repay (credit rating), and security (collateral).

Emprise's work in this area typically focuses on single purpose bridge loans with a maturity of less than one year, and existing distressed corporate debt, with secured debt in both categories being the primary target. These interim loans are used to provide small amounts of cash to carry companies between successive major private or public equity financings, or to carry companies while they search for an acquirer or larger more conventional loan financing.

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