In today’s competitive business climate it is imperative that service providers are constantly delivering value to their clients. At Emprise, we are entrepreneurs, and we understand the need for short response times in the public markets and the importance of the ability to react swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our small and close knit team is structured to provide prompt and accurate service.

Emprise’s services focus on the structuring, arranging and the management of various strategic initiatives, including:


For a private company, making the decision to go public is not an easy one and requires careful consideration. The advantages and disadvantages of an Initial Public Offering vs. a Reverse Merger (RTO) vary for every company, and proper preparation is critical to success.

At Emprise, we are dedicated to building our client companies into success stories and when it comes to the decision to go public, we take an active role in positioning the client company in preparation for a going public transaction. This preparation ranges from strengthening the balance sheet and management where appropriate, to the preparation of investor presentation and regulatory materials. (back to top)