In today’s competitive business climate it is imperative that service providers are constantly delivering value to their clients. At Emprise, we are entrepreneurs, and we understand the need for short response times in the public markets and the importance of the ability to react swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our small and close knit team is structured to provide prompt and accurate service.

Emprise’s services focus on the structuring, arranging and the management of various strategic initiatives, including:


Throughout the restructuring process, and often continuing on subsequent to business reorganizations or the transition of shell companies into active businesses, Emprise provides accounting and CFO services.

The mandate of this division of Emprise is to ensure that our businesses are always compliant with the various regulators and with internal and external policies and procedures. While the list below is a general summary of the main areas of responsibility that Emprise assumes in typical situations, our goal is to provide the entire accounting, budgeting and financial services functions such that management of the company is able to fully concentrate on all other aspects of its needs:

  • Preparation of month end and year end financial services, including cheque
    preparation and management of accounts payable;
  • Oversight of the preparations of tax related filings;
  • Preparation of Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements for filing with Regulatory Authorities, including coordination of SEDAR filing;
  • Provision of financial data for inclusion in Quarterly and Annual Management Discussion & Analysis and assistance in overall preparation of Reports;
  • In situations where we fulfill the role of CFO, sign-off and certification of Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements;
  • Co-ordination and liasing with company’s auditors relating to year end audit;
  • Setting up of monitoring systems to track investments, assets, liabilities and
    related issues;
  • Working with management to ensure there are proper budgets, systems, procedures and internal control functions set up;
  • Fulfilling all of the duties and responsibilities as defined by the role in the
    Organization Chart, including oversight of the Operations and Compliance
    functions within the Business;
  • Being point of contact with external professional advisors such as Lawyers,
    Accountants, Investment Bankers, etc;
  • Review and implementation of accounting policies and procedures to improve and
    maintain internal controls;
  • Set up of various templates and analysis reports for management needs;
  • Working with the Audit Committee to ensure their needs are met, and the
    Committee functions effectively; and
  • Working with senior management to ensure all financial, operational, governance,
    and regulatory needs are met.
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